A&R Smart Home Pty Ltd are providers of independent research, development and installation of smart home products.
Iremote is our registered trademark and brand in Australia.
It’s our mission to help you to bring your home into the future. We are dedicated to the development and service of the truly “smart home”. This means your home can have all the benefits of being high-tech: convenience, ease of access and control, security, connectivity and peace of mind.


On the basis of our years of experience and accumulated knowledge and understanding of smart home requirements and technology, we have launched the Iremote internet-connected smart hub to better serve our clients and smart home users. The Iremote smart hub is adaptable to both IOS and Android apps, and voice command systems, and allows easy control of your home wherever in the world you happen to be.
We’re specialists in Z-wave. Like Wi-Fi, Z-Wave is a wireless communication technology. It allows all of Iremote’s Z-Wave devices to talk to each other, and to other approved Z-Wave devices no matter who has made them. All of that communication happens reliably, securely, free of interference, and without consuming a lot of power. It’s far cheaper and more effective than C-bus technologies used in the super homes of past decades.